What We Do

No-one would bathe in dirty bath water, so why would you cook in a dirty oven?  

If your oven has reached that state - why not call us?

Once Vanessa arrives at your home, an inspection of your oven will be carried out and then the preparation of the work area in order to protect your kitchen surfaces and floor. Removable oven items are left to soak in a dip tank solution held in the back of the fully equipped van. The cleaning process usually takes 2-4 hours depending on the type and size of the appliance. Eco-friendly products are used within your home and once the job is complete you can use the oven immediately.  Care and attention are taken at all times to ensure a high-class result. Vanessa will replace bulbs and filter papers for a small extra charge.

Vanessa`s clients are thrilled when they see the final results.  Several clients say they have tried cleaning their ovens themselves but found it difficult, painstaking and a chore. That one phone call to Vanessa will change all this and after a couple of hours, your oven will be back to its former glory, leaving you and your family to enjoy home cooked meals with their true taste and flavour.

Before and after